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  • ARM N54/55 5" FMIC

    -Gain up to 25whp/27wtq
    -47% Larger Than OEM
    -30min Installation
    -Fully Reversible
    -No Cutting or Trimming Required


    A FMIC upgrade is one of the best modifications for the 335i/xi, because not only does it yield an average of 25whp and 27wtq but it does so consistently. How you may ask? When you increase power with an ecu tune for example, you are increasing boost pressure and ultimately heat in the engine. When the ECU (DME) detects too much heat it will actually pull timing and limit the amount of power it the engine can produce in order to avoid damage to the engine. What an intercooler upgrade does for your car is keep the intake air temperature in the ecu's "safe zone" allowing it to maximize all the modifications you have on your car.

    We tested our N54 powered 335i with all of our performance upgrades:

    -3" Catless Downpipes
    -N54 Charge Pipe w/TiAL bov
    -And of course our 5" Stepped FMIC.

    In addition, we were using the infamous Burger Motorsports JB4 to turn up the boost and manage the pertinents on our beloved N54. The results were impressive, a massive 408.8whp and 480.4wtq !

      $297.00 Regular Price
      $281.00Sale Price
      FMIC Color Option


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