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  • ARM N54/55 7" FMIC

    -Gain up to 35whp/38wtq
    -89% Larger Than OEM
    -1hr Installation
    -Ultra-Dense Fin Packs



    The ARM Motorsports 7” FMIC is the ultimate intercooler upgrade for the N54 and N55 powered E90/E92 335i and 335xi available from ARM. With almost a 30% increase in size over our 5" intercooler upgrade, our 7" FMIC is the perfect solution if you're maxing out your OEM turbochargers or running a turbo upgrade.


    At the heart of the ARM 7” FMIC is the intercooler core with our all new ULTRA-Dense fin packs. With 18 fins per inch, the ARM 7” FMIC is at the top of its class for core density and cooling performance. Not surprisingly, it can cool the charged air of your 335i as efficiently as intercoolers larger than it, without the pressure loss associated with those larger intercooler upgrades.


      $347.00 Regular Price
      $340.06Sale Price
      FMIC Color Option


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