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  • FMIC 3" Piping Upgrade

    The ARM Motorsports' FMIC Hose Upgrade is designed to work seamlessly with the ARM 5"/7" FMIC and N54/N55 Charge Pipe upgrades to eliminate any restriction from the OEM connections. The ARM Motorsports' FMIC Hose Upgrade replaces the short hose from the turbo outlet pipe to the intercooler on the hot side, and the longer hose from the intercooler to the charge pipe on the cold side. With it's extra-large 3in inside diameter, the ARM intercooler hoses are 50% larger than the OEM intercooler hoses, the largest intercooler hose upgrade available for the E8X and E9X chassis.


    The ARM Motorsports FMIC Hose Upgrade fits all E8X 135i's and E9X 335i's, 335xi's, and 335is's with the N54 or N55 engine, running an ARM 5" FMIC or 7" FMIC upgrade and ARM N54 or N55 Charge Pipe.

    ARM 5" or 7" FMIC
    ARM N54 or N55 Charge Pipe

    (Please note: While other charge pipes may work, we can only guarantee correct fitment with ARM N54/N55 Charge Pipes)

      $97.00 Regular Price
      $90.00Sale Price


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