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  • MK6 FMIC Upgrade

    - Gain up to 30whp/40wtq
    -Increased Cooling Efficiency
    -Reliable Performance
    -Direct Fit


    ARM Motorsports presents the MK6 GTI Front Mount Intercooler. Unlike OEM style intercoolers, this is a true front mount design where the intercooler is placed first in line of airflow at the front of the radiator stack equipped on the
    2.0T engine.

    This design positions the intercooler directly in the openings of the GTI"s front bumper where it is exposed to the coolest air for the biggest gains in horsepower. This is not a twincooler type of setup, rather this FMIC does away with the OEM intercooler entirely. The OEM intercooler can be left in place disconnected, or completely removed with our OEM Intercooler Delete Kit. Removing of the OEM intercooler allows for better airflow through the radiator bundle and also reduces some weight.

    On the dyno this front mount intercooler setup will generate as much as 30whp and 40wtq



    The temperature of the compressed air leaving the turbocharger is high due to it being propelled by the hot exhaust gases from the GTI's two lilter engine. Hotter air contains less oxygen than cooler air occupying the same amount of space. The more oxygen delivered inside the engine cylinder the more potential power is available from the engine. Enter the ARM FMIC intercooler, a component designed to take the hot air from the turbo and cool it before returning it to the engine by putting it in the most optimal position.

    The larger an intercooler is the better it is at lowering the temperature of the charged air from the turbo before it reached the throttle body. However, if an intercooler is too large than it can cause an adverse pressure drop, increasing turbo lag. Because the ARM Intercooler is located in front of the other radiators on the car it can cool the charged air more effectively than larger intercoolers in the OEM location. Which is why the ARM Motorsports FMIC core size of 23.5" x 6.5" x 3" is the perfect balance for maximizing cooling efficiency while minimizing pressure drop.

    The ARM Motorsports MK6 GTI Front Mount Intercooler Kit is fully reversible, making it a true bolt on unit. For complete step by step installation instructions check out the install video.


      $467.00 Regular Price
      $455.00Sale Price
      FMIC Color Option


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